Behind the bar

bartenders at Catchfly

At Catchfly, we only select the best bartenders, known by many or otherwise. The vital skills to joining the bartending family at this sleek and cosy bars are a great palate for flavour profiles, and an abundance of creativity in producing exciting cocktails.

Marek Klecka

Born and raised in Czech Republic, Marek discovered his love for the food and beverage industry when he first started helping out at his brother’s restaurant. As a young teen, he watched how the bartenders work and fell in love with the craft. Determined to make it his career, he enrolled himself into a gastronomy school at the tender age of 16 while working at the Blue Cafe Restaurant as a waiter and bartender under the guidance of Marek Lahoda. Later, he acquired the Certificate of International Validity in the basic and higher bartending courses, and finished the Sommelier Course as a cadet.

Marek went on to be a bartender at White Circus and Oblaca Bar, then at Manes Group, and subsequently Crazy Daisy Bar where he was scouted by Linda for Catchfly.

Always looking for new combinations to experiment with, Marek took up the offer and has since been innovating cocktails with Asian flavours.

Linda Rejfkova

A believer in going after what she wants, Linda, who is from Czech Republic, has pursued her passion in bartending across Europe, UK and North America.

Linda travelled to Vancouver and joined the Kalypso Greek Restaurant as their bartender. Subsequently, she returned to Czech Republic managed the Be Bop Bar at Radisson Blu Alcron. At the same time, Linda was a part of Diageo as their external bartender for events and tastings.

Eager to expand her horizon in bartending and mixology, Linda moved to Singapore in 2017. She did a short stint at The White Rabbit as their bar supervisor before climbing on board as Catchfly’s bar supervisor. Now, Linda oversees the beverage programme and managers the bars at 12 Ann Siang, Catchfly and Screening Room’s Rooftop Bar.

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